eBay for Business on Facebook and Twitter

Posted by on Dec 13, 2013 in Ebay

eBay for Business on Facebook and Twitter

Have you liked and followed the new eBay for Business pages on Facebook and Twitter? eBay has reached out to sellers on social media with real people who engage in conversation and networking. According to the About page on Facebook, “Get the tools, tips, and inspiration to grow your business on eBay.” The page is managed by Audrey Tracy, the eBay Community Manager.

Guidelines for the Facebook page:

Welcome to the eBay for Business page. We’re glad you’re here.

This page provides a way for sellers to interact with and gain knowledge from eBay and each other. It is intended to be a useful exchange of information regarding all things eBay. As such, we encourage any and all questions and commentary, including criticism.

We won’t allow any forms of hate speech (personal attacks, profanity, racism, etc.), harassing or SPAM comments and this content will be removed immediately.

We will also remove any posts containing personally identifying information regarding a transaction including usernames, item numbers or case IDs.

We reserve the right to block individuals from posting to our Facebook page who violate this policy.

I think this is a great idea for eBay Corporate to provide real people for us to engage with online. Sometimes we just want a real person at eBay to listen to us, and really HEAR what w are saying. Keep in mind this Facebook group is not the place to come with your specific account problems or issues, but more of a networking zone where you can keep up to date with current eBay events and changes, as well as meet other sellers to learn from.

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