Store Your Product

Whether you sell on Ebay, Amazon or Have your own website or your stock is too big for your premises we can help. Store your product, large or small, one or many in our specially designed fulfillment warehouse. Our extensive racking system and custom built software save you time and money.

Order is PlacedOrder Placed

This bit is down to you, although we can help by offering an e-commerce platform that full integrates into our system allowing you to offer fast, flexible and affordable delivery options to your customers.

Orders are PickedOrder Picked

An order is imported into our warehouse system, the location is advised and we collect your product. Your customers order is then packed according to your instructions, you may provide your own packaging, or we can take care of this for you.

order_shipped_iconOrder Shipped

Using intelligent shipping software we can identify the best method of shipping your items, or you can select the carrier, service type and speed from our extensive list of providers. International and local orders are no problem at all.

PalletteInventory Management

Your orders arriving to The Fulfilling Station are handled as smoothly as your orders leaving.  Our online stock management system allows you to book your inventory in as it arrives and sync quantities with your website*