What happens when you have an order that needs to be picked?

Interacting directly with our Warehouse Management System (WMS), your orders transfer on to our system ready for the picking process.

Automation can take place with your website via an xml feed which sends the orders to us without you needing to do anything. Alternitavely, you can send us excel or csv files or you can load them on manually.

Once we recieve the order, we then process and send back via xml the information your website needs to show the order as completed. Again, if automation is not an option, we have various reports and emails we can set up to ensure you and your customers have all the information you require.

Automation is our prefered solution as this means you do not have to worry about getting information to us and you can concentrate on running your business.

Firstly we validate the order to check for stock etc, then the order is sent through to the Warehouse ready for picking. The Warehouse operator will be sent to the location of the stock required using the handheld bar code scanner, they scan the location to confirm they are at the correct location and then scan the product to ensure they are picking the correct item, the scanner also tells them the quantity they require for the order. They complete this process for all the products required on the order.

Once the order has been fully picked, it is sent to the despatch area ready for shipping.